Monday, July 27, 2015

Raibbow Themed Birthday Party

18th of May is Xin Yi's 20th birthday. As she is going to US for further study very very soon, Eggie group planned to hold a surprise party for her. Since it's a surprise party, we secretly had a meeting at my house. 
Excuse my house-look

The party was on 16th of May (Saturday). She once told us that she likes rainbow colour, so we decided to throw a rainbow themed party for her. So, basically we were separated into 2 teams. Megan and Kaya will prepare food, me and Lee Hui will decorate.
 Flower crown in the making.

So this was the flower crown heeeheee. 

On 16th of May, in the morning, Lee Hui came to my house and we started doing the photo props and backdrop. I printed some lips, bow ties, mustaches and specs. Then, I colored them with markers and after that Lee Hui cut them out.

We had fun, well at least I had fun LOL
Lee Hui was cutting the rainbow crepe papers for the backdrop.
My mum bought us dim sum as lunch, and quickly after eating, we rushed to Xin Yi's house. We were sure that she wasn't around because we already contacted her elder brother and her uni friends. 
For the backdrop design, we were inspired by these pictures from Pinterest.
Lee Hui and the empty background.
We started sticking the crepe papers one by one on the wall. To make the cleaner life easier, we put a layer of masking tape first, only we stick the crepe papers on the masking tape. So we don't have to take them down one by one when the party ends, but just by tearing the masking tape off, everything will be cleaned. And also it can make sure that the backdrop is in a straight line :D
Lee Hui kept on tracking her phone so that we know Xin Yi's whereabouts. 
The length of the papers weren't the same because different shops have different length. But they look okay though :D
Not to forget, the flower crown for the birthday girl.
Everybody will sign on this paper. It's like a big birthday card/paper LOL
Megan and Kaya came after we were almost done decorating as they prepared the food at home. 
We planned to have the party at Xin Yi's backyard, but it rained after that D:

So, we moved the tables inside. Owh you saw other people? Yea, we invited her other group of friends and also uni friends.The uni friends will bring Xin Yi come later as they dated her out heeeheee.

When her uni friends notified us that they were reaching, we all hid ourselves. And...the best part, we didn't plan on how to surprise her. So...when she came in, she saw the food, I think she already knows what happened. But don't care la, when she came in, we all jumped out and sang birthday song. Best part number two, nobody took photo or record video. Somebody even suggested to watch CCTV :/ Ok let's skip this part shall we?

Following are the photos taken on that day. Warning: A lot of photos LOL

Me and Lee Hui
Me and the bae :D
Me and Kaya
The food. 
Megan was the chef of the night. 
And bae was the DJ of the night LOL

The birthday girl with us.
Megan baked this wonderful cake.
Fruits by Lee Hui.
Brownies by Megan also. She's so talented! Love her :*
Tired xD
This was the photo booth. 
Me and the birthday girl!
Okayy, let's eat!
Meanwhile, Eggie group fully used of the photo booth. You will know how. 
Actually there are many more photos, but I choose not to post, cause it's way too many. 

Tor Sui gang
Uni gang

The bae, Xin Yi and I.
Me and bae 
Bae was doing his magic trick.

Well, it was birthday cake time~

Since the cake was homemade, we didn't have a proper cake knife LOL We used this knife instead.
Before I headed home, we took group photo. If not, they don't have camera already haha.

Well, that's all for that day. It was Eggie group's first time throwing a surprise party. Thank you everyone for participating. Thank you Lee Hui, Megan and Kaya for helping. Happy belated birthday to Xin Yi LOL so belated right...Hope you like it :D